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What President Obama’s Expansion of DACA Means for You

  President Obama proposed his plan for an executive action to bring millions of undocumented individuals out of the shadows.  Here are a few of the changes we can look forward to:   Temporary Work Visas for: Parents of U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Children who -Have been in the United States for Five years… Read more »

Sexual Harassment: Anita Hill to Speak at KC Public Library

Everyone has a right to work without being subjected to abusive, demeaning, and harassing comments and conduct. If you are facing sexual harassment at your job, it is important to find an attorney who can assist you in protecting your legal rights. Many attorneys, including those at Edelman, Liesen & Myers, offer free consultations, and… Read more »

We’ve moved!

We are happy to announce our move to Westport.  Come see us at: 4051 Broadway, Suite 4, Kansas City, Missouri 64111.

Worker Misclassification-Know Your Status

I’ve heard it many times over the past few years–things such as “my employer couldn’t afford to pay me overtime,” or, “I didn’t have the option to be an employee.”  Whether to classify an employee as an independent contractor or employee is not at the employer’s discretion.  There are certain laws employers have to follow… Read more »

Love and taxes: same-sex couples, joint tax returns, and marriage

Last week, Missouri became the first state that does not recognize same-sex marriages to announce that it would accept joint tax filings from same-sex couples (in Missouri, couples actually file what are called “combined returns”). The announcement came in the form of an executive order issued by Governor Jay Nixon, declaring ordering the Department of… Read more »

Red Light Cameras in Limbo

Traffic tickets. Is there anything more annoying? We all know we should slow down, and all of us at Edelman, Liesen & Myers encourage everyone to obey the law at all times. But the truth is most people speed, to varying degrees, most of the time. When you get pulled over for going a little… Read more »

Glossip v. Missouri Department of Transportation: Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

Last week, the Missouri Supreme Court decided the case of Glossip v. Missouri Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol Employees’ Retirement System. The case was brought by Kelly Glossip, the long-time partner of Corporal Dennis Engelhard, a Missouri Highway Patrolman killed in the line of duty on Christmas Day, 2009. Glossip applied for Corporal Engelhard’s… Read more »

Anti-Bullying Ordinance

The city of Kansas City, Missouri, looks poised to pass an anti-bullying ordinance. The law prohibits bullying or cyber-bullying of minors, and aims to protect young people off of school grounds, where a large amount of bullying, especially over the internet, takes place. The law would not impose any consequences on violators who are minors… Read more »

Mission: Impassable (without a traffic ticket)

According to an article in yesterday’s Kansas City Star, the small suburb of Mission, Kansas is the area’s leading leveler of fines and tickets for motorist misconduct. The story, “Data show Mission is the KC area’s traffic ticket capital,” explains that it is the only city in the metro to write more tickets per year than… Read more »