Mission: Impassable (without a traffic ticket)

According to an article in yesterday’s Kansas City Star, the small suburb of Mission, Kansas is the area’s leading leveler of fines and tickets for motorist misconduct. The story, “Data show Mission is the KC area’s traffic ticket capital,” explains that it is the only city in the metro to write more tickets per year than it has residents.

“The fact that (Mission police) are generating more tickets than there are people in the town is pretty remarkable,” said John Bowman, the [National Motorist Association]’s communications director. “We don’t see this very often. It sounds pretty predatory to us.”

Whatever you think of Mission’s policy, getting a traffic ticket can be a real drag. It drives up your insurance rates  and in Missouri, earns you points on your license that can eventually lead to a suspension. While we at Edelman, Liesen & Myers, L.L.P. encourage everyone to drive safely and obey all traffic laws, we understand that even good people make mistakes, and we’re here to help.

If you get a traffic ticket or DUI, you can give us a call at 816-533-4976 or contact us through the website. Our firm advocates for individual rights, and we can provide legal representation to those accused of traffic violations. Moreover, we offer many of our traffic representation services at a flat rate, so our clients can know upfront exactly what hiring a lawyer will cost them, and giving them one less thing to worry about while dealing with the stress of a ticket. The city or county that wrote you the ticket has a lawyer on their side, don’t you want to have one on yours?

Remember to slow down if you’re driving through Mission, and remember that if you or a friend or family member gets a ticket, the attorneys at Edelman, Liesen & Myers, L.L.P. are ready to fight for your rights.



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