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Mission: Impassable (without a traffic ticket)

According to an article in yesterday’s Kansas City Star, the small suburb of Mission, Kansas is the area’s leading leveler of fines and tickets for motorist misconduct. The story, “Data show Mission is the KC area’s traffic ticket capital,” explains that it is the only city in the metro to write more tickets per year than… Read more »

DUI Implications: Consult a DUI Lawyer in Kansas City

Individuals facing their first, or even second or third, charge of driving while intoxicated should rightfully be concerned.  Unfortunately, a DUI has many consequences both legally as well as in everyday life.  These individuals should carefully select a DUI lawyer in Kansas City who is not only knowledgeable in the area of DUI practice, but… Read more »

Amending a Traffic Ticket

    Amending a ticket is a process where negotiations are made to plead down an infraction to a lesser offense in exchange for certain considerations which usually include a greater fine.  Amended tickets do not incur points on a driving record, or incur charges that may appear to insurance companies, credit evaluations, employers, or… Read more »