The Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan

When you go to the polls on November 6, you will notice proposed Amendment 3 to the Missouri Constitution.  Amendment 3 would inject politics into the selection of our Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges.  For that reason, we urge you to seriously consider voting against Amendment 3.

Missouri was the first state in the union to adopt a non-partisan system for appointing appellate judges and trial court judges in metropolitan areas.  Our plan for appointing judges has been a model for the nation, and 33 other states have adopted this plan in some fashion.  An unknown and small group of very wealthy individuals are intent on giving all future governors virtual control of the appointment of our appellate judges.  Under the current Non-Partisan Court Plan, the governor has substantial input, but not control.  If you would like to learn more about the Court Plan or to get involved, please go to

Missouri has been a model for the nation on how to select judges in the least political way.  We have been leading the way for 72 years, and the credentials and impartiality of our judges are excellent.  I encourage you to carefully consider this matter and if you agree with my analysis, please vote “no” on Amendment 3.

Thank you very much for considering this important matter.