Asylum for “Gangbangers”?

While tuned into the heated presidential debate last night, I listened intently as the topic turned to immigration, my area of expertise.  As I was listening, my jaw dropped in shock when president Obama used the phrase “gangbangers” to describe those who should be deported.  This was apparently a reaction many across America shared, as… Read more »

Pregnancy in the Workplace

The New York Times recently released an article explaining the difficulties regarding pregnancy in the workplace.  Many women may not be aware of their rights when it comes to pregnancy, and this article helps explain some of the federal laws that protect pregnant women.  Please take a moment to read this insightful article.  Women face… Read more »

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Estate Planning

The burgeoning popularity of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Movement has people making all kinds of things that most of us would buy, from chairs and ladders to beer and cider. There is something very American about striving to be self-sufficient, and anyone can understand the satisfaction of making something from scratch. That being said, some things are… Read more »

Amending a Traffic Ticket

    Amending a ticket is a process where negotiations are made to plead down an infraction to a lesser offense in exchange for certain considerations which usually include a greater fine.  Amended tickets do not incur points on a driving record, or incur charges that may appear to insurance companies, credit evaluations, employers, or… Read more »